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I first went to Paris in 1996 and I never really left. Once you fall in love with Paris, she stays with you always- the quiet elegance of her architecture, the creativity of her people, the tradition of her foods, and the natural beauty of her parks- it all comes together in a magical way when you're there. The great writers have tried to put into words the magic of this beautiful city, but in the end there really aren't words. This series is my attempt to capture it in photographs.

I specialize in portraits, interiors & creative commercial- with themes of rich colors, beautiful detail & authenticity. The very best way to get to know my photography style is to see the images themselves! 

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I opened my studio ten years ago in New Haven, Connecticut, passionate about using my photography to help people connect with their families, their stories, and their own beauty. When I'm not at the studio I love to travel and collect new photographs for the fine art series. My work can be found in private collections around the world, and has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, National Geographic, Forbes, MSN, and Connecticut Cottages & Gardens. I live in New Haven with my husband, Yale University professor Dr. Paul Van Tassel, and our three kids. 

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